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I had the great honour of interviewing Marc Schurman about his sustainably farmed greenhouse operation for Canadian Geographic magazine’s Places segment. (Read it here: Farming without fossil fuels on Prince Edward Island.) The print version will be available early in the new year. A feature article focusing on the heating system they chose will appear in Greenhouse Canada magazine later this year.

The Schurman family has been involved in sustainable farming practices for multiple generations, and their recent dive into carbon-neutral greenhouse heating is only the latest step toward clean farm management.

As a content writer – whether I’m writing for a digital or print platform and whether the content is for a traditional magazine or a company website – my sole purpose is the same. I identify the qualities that make my clients shine.

Once I know their story and understand the unique products or services they have on offer, my job is to figure out how to best present them to the world. Everyone’s story adds something valuable to the world in which we live. Finding those points of value then communicating them to the right audience helps my clients market themselves more effectively.

Interviews, conversations, and good old-fashioned research (made easier by the internet, of course) help me shape a story that reflects my client’s personality and draw interested readers and potential customers.

Wondering how your story would look on paper or digital? Contact me.


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