Welcome to The Eloquent Word.


Writing, editing, food, and art have been lifelong passions. It’s all about layering. I like to see issues, questions, and situations as multi-dimensional.

Everything has depth, substance and context. It’s all interrelated.

Interpreting the world that way has inspired me to write about all kinds of topics, like how folklore exists within street-gang culture, or how language mirrors the people and cultures that create it in very distinct ways.

I apply those layers when I write and edit for others, too. Asking critical questions helps me understand your needs so I can help you communicate at your best.


Just watch people’s faces light up when they express their thoughts! I love that. It’s like taking a deep dive into ideas and surfacing in a whole new universe.  I pushed my university students to ask thoughtful questions. I wrote museum exhibit materials that took complex ideas and made them easier to understand. I moved into food and drink writing … well …  because it was fun and very tasty!

I’ve researched, written, and edited topics that span from lifestyle to business to technology.

Feed the muse

Sometimes you’re just going to want to toss your work out the window. Don’t do it. The ups and downs are all part of the creative process.

I’m here to help you create effective and professional copy. Need someone to jumpstart your thinking at the beginning of a project or to check for any last errors at the end? No problem.  I can help.