Welcome to The Eloquent Word.


Writing, editing, food and art have been lifelong passions. It’s all about layering. I like to see issues, questions, and situations as multi-dimensional. Everything has depth, substance and context. Everything can be interrelated. Interpreting the world that way has inspired me to write about all kinds of topics, like how folklore exists within streetgang culture or how language mirrors the people and cultures that create it in very distinct ways.

I apply those layers when I write and edit for my clients, too. Asking questions and making sure I fully understand my clients’ needs means that I can help them communicate their best.


While earning my MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to teach students how to ask critical questions about their own and others’ work and develop the depth and complexity of their ideas into well-written arguments.

From there, I moved into food and drink writing for both print and web media, and ultimately expanded into editing, blogging, content creation and social media strategy.

I focus on both general interest articles, including pop culture, the humanities, and social sciences, and academic writing.

Feed the muse

Writing and editing well, like all creative endeavours, take effort. Sometimes you’re going to want to toss your work out the window. Don’t do it. The ups and downs are all part of a wonderful organic process.

Let me help you create effective and professional copy whether you need help jumpstarting your ideas at the beginning of a project or you’re looking for a read-through at the end.

Member of the Editors’ Association of Canada