A Glimpse Into the Work Process of a Copyeditor


Some people seek the spotlight. Me? I’m more of a behind-the-scenes kind of person, which makes me particularly suited to be a copyeditor. I really enjoy helping people build and clarify ideas until they morph into a nicely structured, publishable piece.

I know that you’ve poured your heart into that document. Whether it’s a magazine article or sell sheet, you need that piece of writing to showcase who you, your products or services are. Copyeditors don’t take that lightly. With that in mind, my goal as a copyeditor is to make the document work for you as best as possible. Continue reading → A Glimpse Into the Work Process of a Copyeditor

Oh, just this and that …

Ah, those demonstrative adjectives. They’re just trouble makers!

This is a little pet peeve of mine. Oops, did you catch it? I used the word ‘this’ to point to something, but I didn’t tell you what exactly I happened to be pointing to. Well, maybe I want to be mysterious; you know, lure you in a little before revealing what this pet peeve of mine actually is. Um … not really.

Here’s the answer: I like to see demonstrative adjectives followed by nouns. So, my sentence might have begun, “This common occurrence is a ….” Not doing so isn’t technically wrong, but it can make the reader confused about what, exactly, you’re referring to. I know I’m being picky, but I’ve read so many essays, articles, etc that let a demonstrative adjective stand all by its lonesome. But, before we can talk about why I’m peeved, let’s talk about what a demonstrative adjective actually is. Continue reading → Oh, just this and that …