What is your process?

It begins with you. Email me your project details. If my expertise is a good fit or if I need more information, I’ll be in touch. Together we’ll work out your business content goals, what kind of specific content management you’re looking for, appropriate timelines, and budget.

If we’re on the same page, I will send you a plan of action along with a fee schedule.

How much do you charge?

It depends. Ok, I know you’re looking for something a little more definite. We’re so used to seeing prices on products when we go shopping. Why would content services be any different?

Well, imagine asking a retail associate to get you some footwear. Before running off to the stockroom, they should ask you a series of clarifying questions. Shoes or boots? What size? Colour? Formal or informal? Sport or dressy?

Content writing works best when it fits your brand and moves you toward achieving your business goals. In order to accomplish that, I need to design a custom plan that can include blog posts, social media management, press releases, newsletters, some combination of those and other content services, too. Do you want to provide me with the topics and research? Or do you want me to take on those tasks?

Once we’ve figured all of that out and I know more about your project, I can tell you how much I charge.

Do you provide a content database?

Yes! Sometimes all you need is an idea and you’re off again.

If you like to write your own blog posts and manage your own social media accounts, but you’re running short on topic ideas, I can help. I can provide you with a weekly or monthly list of blog or social media post ideas along with a well-researched outline for each idea. Once you have that, all you will need to do is elaborate on the outline until you have a complete post ready to publish.

Need to know more? Just ask!


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