Rosemary edited an e-book for me.  Not only did she edit it, she went well beyond my expectation with additional suggestions that completed the book perfectly. Would recommend her to anyone! – Dr. Maria Papasodaro, ND

Rosemary is a talented editor. She provides clear, concise feedback that is easy to follow and greatly improves the final product. Together, we polished two articles, bringing them to a level of quality suitable for publishing. Her comments were constructive and always positive. It was truly a pleasure to work with her. – Lisa Hoekstra, writer/editor

Rosemary’s attention to detail and thoroughness helped us build our online presence. She took her feature writing skills from the print magazine and was able to translate them well to more short-form blog post writing. Her amiable, informative style is exactly the right fit for Quench and any lifestyle magazines. – Aldo Parise, Editor-in-Chief, Quench

I would recommend Rosemary for any writing/editing/research work for a wide range of mediums. Professional, reliable, quality-oriented writer/editor with a sharp eye for detail. – Tod Stewart, Contributing Editor, Quench

Thank you so much for helping me shape my film projects and develop them from the vague ideas in my head to a clean and exciting finished piece of writing. – Toni Atkinson, Research Association, Global Health Research

Thank you so much for doing such a thorough job.  You have an excellent eye. Tracy McCarthy, PhD Candidate


Rosemary Mantini
Principal, The Eloquent Word Content Writing & Copyediting Services
Brampton, ON Canada

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