The Editing Process

Each project is different. If you’re not completely sure which editing service you need, just ask. Send me your work as a Word document for a free consultation. I will determine how many hours and the level of editing that is required. Quotes will be returned within 48 hours.

Editing Services


  • checking and correcting:
    • formatted and edited material for accuracy and typing errors
    • text and images so that they match a specified design
    • spelling and other minor mechanical errors in text

Copy Editing

  • checking and correcting:
    • grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage, and other mechanics of style
    • consistency of facts
    • the hierarchy of headings and subheadings
    • the placement of graphs, tables, maps, and other images
    • use of metrics or imperial systems
    • the system of citation (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc)
    • title page; contents page; list of tables, figures, and maps; acknowledgements page

Stylistic Editing

  • clarifying meaning
  • polishing language
  • line-by-line readability and flow

Structural Editing

  • assessing and helping to shape text and images in order to improve organization, content, and relevance to the intended audience
    • imbalance in content
    • bias
    • language

Other Tasks As Requested

  • developmental editing (take a basic idea and develop it to its logical conclusion)
  • rewriting
  • fact-checking


  • articles destined for general interest and niche magazines
  • academic journal articles
  • thesis (M.A. and Ph.D.)
  • pop culture
  • humanities
  • social sciences
  • education