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4 Reasons Single Sign On Is Revolutionary

This latest capability courtesy of cloud technology is something you’ll want to think about adopting whether your plans for your future business growth are extensive or not. It will grant you the extra time you need to tackle your goals.

SSO is a way of using a single set of credentials to access all the applications you and your employees need to use. Most companies now encourage staff to work in the cloud and from mobile devices. So, SSO offers the convenience and security of doing business from anywhere, anytime. Read the rest

5 Ways To Drive Profitability

Alex Taylor, Chief Operations Officer of Tri Pac Inc., knew everything was going to be different the day after he returned from his latest business trip to Europe.

“For years, it was a nightmare. I would do the best I could using my mobile phone. However, it’s nearly impossible to do much more than email with that. When it comes to doing accounting, finance, invoicing, full spreadsheets … it was very challenging. That’s why it would normally take two weeks to get back into the swing of things. I had so much paperwork to catch up on after a one-week trip,” he says. “I’ve missed everything for that week, plus I still needed to get caught up on my regular work load once I get back.”

However, that all changed after subscribing to a customized cloud-hosting package with iNSYNQ. “This time, it took me one day to get caught up,” reported Taylor. “Being able to do the work while I was traveling meant I didn’t have the panic attack the day before getting back to the office. I didn’t have the mountain of work to make up.” Read the rest

Business Continuity – The Story of Holden Business Services

Stop what you’re doing, and take a look around your office. What’s in your workspace – computers, filing cabinets? All of it loaded with customer data and business records. What if a natural disaster threatened to wipe it all away? How would you protect the vital parts of your business?

Becky Holden, owner of Holden Business Services in North Carolina found herself in exactly that predicament.

On September 7, 2018, news broke that Hurricane Florence was packing Category 4 winds and heading right for the Carolina coast. On September 11th, mandatory and voluntary evacuations were announced in both North and South Carolina. The 130-plus mile per hour winds and estimated rainfall of two feet put a large swath of the Carolinas in danger. Read the rest

DJ Tutorial – How To Use EQ

I could say that this tutorial is just for those of you who are new to DJing. The truth is that reviewing techniques, equipment, understanding standard DJ terms, and anything else involved in DJing is important for longtime DJs, too. Perfecting your skills and then keeping them up-to-date is as important to DJing as the equipment you use. Read the rest

How To Prepare For Tax Season Now

I don’t know a DJ who wouldn’t want to spend as much time as possible spinning tunes and watching the crowd dance. But, business is business, and that means that DJs have to take a break from gigging to take care of their businesses.

Marketing, maintaining and purchasing equipment, paying the bills … all are part of what a DJ has to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to succeed. They may not be the most exciting part of running your own business, but they’re certainly as vital as the music itself. Read the rest

How To Keep Sightlines Open In Your Kitchen

Kitchens have become so much more than places to cook meals. They have become a gathering place for the whole family and all your friends.

So, how can you make sure that the space you spend so much time in is comfortable?

Sightlines are best explained as empty space. It’s the ability to stand in one part of the kitchen and be able to see all the way to the other side. Sightlines are all about unobstructed views. One of the biggest culprits in broken sightlines is the range hood – not so much the wall-mounted variety, of course. Read the rest

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