My Barolo


This article was originally published in Tidings Magazine.

Sometimes, a visit to a place leaves a lasting impression. Barolo is such a place. The people, food and architecture imprint so profoundly that one’s real home begins to feel distant and unfamiliar. Luckily, experiencing Barolo is easy no matter where home is. Whenever I feel memory tugging at me, I might descend the steps to the cellar and pull a bottle from my collection. We have a few Barolos – two of which are pretty special – a 1961 (an exquisite vintage) and a 1967. The latter wasn’t such a great year, except that it is the one in which I was born. So, I’m sentimental about it. Continue reading → My Barolo

Folkstories in the Digital Age


“I have a Master’s Degree in Folklore and Mythology.”

Comic Book Guy, The Simpsons. “Three Men and a Comic Book” Image courtesy of Simpson Crazy

I nearly choked when I heard Comic Book Guy utter that gem to Bart. My husband had a good laugh at my expense, too. You see, I have very similar degrees: BA & MA Humanities (focus on cultural anthropology, especially folklore). I think, though, that in this digital age, Comic Book Guy may have the last laugh. Folklore is alive and well and providing a way to connect with the people and world around us. Continue reading → Folkstories in the Digital Age

Oh, just this and that …

Ah, those demonstrative adjectives. They’re just trouble makers!

This is a little pet peeve of mine. Oops, did you catch it? I used the word ‘this’ to point to something, but I didn’t tell you what exactly I happened to be pointing to. Well, maybe I want to be mysterious; you know, lure you in a little before revealing what this pet peeve of mine actually is. Um … not really.

Here’s the answer: I like to see demonstrative adjectives followed by nouns. So, my sentence might have begun, “This common occurrence is a ….” Not doing so isn’t technically wrong, but it can make the reader confused about what, exactly, you’re referring to. I know I’m being picky, but I’ve read so many essays, articles, etc that let a demonstrative adjective stand all by its lonesome. But, before we can talk about why I’m peeved, let’s talk about what a demonstrative adjective actually is. Continue reading → Oh, just this and that …