3 Steps Businesses Must Take During The COVID-19 Pandemic

3 Steps To Effective Communication During COVID-19
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I’d like to begin today’s post with an understatement and a cliché: COVID-19 is a game-changer.

Despite quick and decisive action that follows the advice of doctors and virologists, Canada has not been spared the community spread of COVID-19. My home province of Ontario has seen the highest rates of infection in the country. Our municipal, provincial, and federal leaders are unified across party lines in their approach to this crisis and are keeping citizens informed with daily press conferences.

Take note. Business leaders – whether you own a small or medium-sized business, or are in the c-suite of a large company – it is paramount that you keep in regular communication with your clientèle. Continue reading → 3 Steps Businesses Must Take During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Brand-Customer Relationships – The Long Walk Down The Aisle

Brand-Customer Relationships – The Long Walk Down The Aisle
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relationships can sure be hard

They love you. They leave you. They’re back with a box of chocolates. Who knows how it’s all going to end? You just have to take it on faith because sometimes all the statistics in the world can’t tell you what will be. 

Speaking of stats, did you know…

  • *57% of customers make purchasing decisions based on a company’s ethical values?
  • *61% believe that boycotts, speaking out on social media, and other types of protest influence how a company behaves?
  • **92% would drop a brand for another that had a compelling social purpose?

Uh huh. That brand-customer relationship is fraught with love and heartache. Continue reading → Brand-Customer Relationships – The Long Walk Down The Aisle

How To Create A Business Blog

How to Start the Right Blog For Your Business
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start the right kind of business blog

By now, you know that your business website needs a blog. No doubt, you’ve heard all of the pros.

  • It will help you build a solid foundation of return customers.
  • It will help you grow your business.
  • It will help you showcase your products or services.

Yes. All that and more. There’s a lot of proof out there that shows how beneficial a blog can be.

  • Over 3/4 of internet users say they read blogs regularly.
  • 72% of marketers said that having a good content strategy was a major key to their success.
  • Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13 times more likely to see positive ROI. (All stats from Hubspot.)

As an owner of a small or medium-sized business, you probably don’t doubt for a minute that bogging can be a very beneficial marketing activity. Any method that puts your business in front of more potential customers has to be good. The problem for most of you, though, is numbers. There’s only one of you, maybe a few of you. Even if there are a hundred of you, it can be hard to fit in one more task. You and your team likely already wear multiple hats. Yet, here I am, asking you to put on one more. Continue reading → How To Create A Business Blog