How To Build A Diverse And Inclusive Website

How to build a diverse and inclusive website
Image by Anemone123 from Pixabay

I truly believe it’s time to stop talking about cultural fit in the workplace. Hiring for fit sounds like a good idea. How could it not? Everyone getting along, on the same page, able to finish each other’s sentences … it sounds like the perfect formula for business success. If your team is ONE, accelerated positive growth seems to be the natural outcome.

To a degree, yes.

Cue all the websites that feature images of employees that look and sound the same. Is your business made up of mostly one gender, one cultural group, one age group, one method of hiring? Look, I know sometimes a workplace just ends up being that way. But, part of my job is to entice consumers to learn about a brand through content marketing and public relations. What those consumers see and read on a company’s website makes a difference to them. They’re attuned to subtle nuances, even if they can’t always articulate them. Continue reading → How To Build A Diverse And Inclusive Website